About Us

The Eric Monday Foundation is uniquely focused on raising awareness of student-athletes’ mental health issues and to #TAKEDOWNTHESTIGMA that prevents so many from seeking help.

Outside of parents, coaches, athletic directors and other trusted advisors are often the most important adults in a young athlete’s life.  We provide these mentors with the tools, resources and training they need to talk to their athletes about mental health and to recognize and respond to issues when they occur.

We believe participating in sports delivers immeasurable benefits to young people — sacrifice, discipline, work ethic and camaraderie — traits and qualities built to last a lifetime.

We also know that student-athletes are far less likely to talk about and seek help for their mental health issues because they believe it is a sign of weakness.

Our foundation is dedicated to the life and legacy of Eric Monday, a loving son, brother, teammate, mentor and accomplished wrestler. What was not known by most was that Eric was also fighting through an early diagnosis of depression. This was the quiet hidden side that was not discussed for fear of stigma — the quiet drain that impacted every day.



The Eric Monday Foundation fosters opportunities for young athletes who strive to develop their mind, body and spirit while rising up fellow participants. The foundation is uniquely focused to raise awareness and #TAKEDOWNTHESTIGMA of mental health issues.