The Story Behind our Hashtag

The Eric Monday Foundation strives to raise awareness and remove the stigma related to mental health challenges.    

#TakeDownTheStigma is about creating a culture where we can be supported by trusted mentors, coaches, friends and teams. It’s about building a culture for inclusion of all those that are knocked down by life’s challenges – but rather included, supported and affirmed.    Many who struggle with mental health challenges carry an associated “stigma” that makes it very difficult to know where and how to get help when it is needed most.  

Parents, coaches, teachers and trusted advisors are often not prepared to recognize the symptoms of these challenges and what resources are available to help them. 

It is the Foundation’s mission to “take down the stigma” of these challenges, raise awareness of them with trusted advisors and facilitate open dialogue to address issues.  

Much like we immediately and openly understand and support treating injuries and illnesses, let us embrace the opportunity to support both temporary and longer term mental health challenges.  

Get involved and help us #TakeDownTheStigma.