Coach’s Mental Health Awareness Training

This free, online training program is specifically designed for coaches, athletic directors and other trusted advisors who play a critical role in student-athletes’ lives. Parents, guardians and other stakeholders in a young athlete’s life are also encouraged to take the training.

The training explains:

  • The prevalence and scope of mental health issues that student-athletes experience.
  • The stigma about mental health that prevents so many athletes from seeking help.
  • The responsibility coaches have to make mental health awareness an important part of their coaching strategies.
  • The tools and resources coaches need to recognize and respond to mental health issues when they occur.

The training includes a simple but highly effective step-by-step guide on how to talk with and respond to your athletes about their mental health.

We call it LASRR.

Training Overview

This training combines video, voice-over, photos, graphics and quizzes.

It takes less than 40 minutes to complete. A small amount of time for the lives you will improve and the lives you may save. At the end of the training you will receive a certificate that confirms completion of the Coach’s Mental Health Awareness Training



Pay full attention

Let them tell their story

Use minimal encouragers



Suspend judgment

Believe their account of their experience

Don’t investigate or adjudicate

Ask about suicide, homicide and/or violence



Offer hope without trying to “cheer up”

Lend ego strength without directing or dominating

Create a “holding environment”



Ensure safety and never leave them alone

Use your relationship to help the referral

Know before needed to whom you will refer Facilitate the process



Responsibility and protocols must be clear

Must know the limits of confidentiality and student privacy