The Eric Monday Foundation provides grants to aspiring youth and high school athletes to participate in clinics, camps and tournaments by providing stipends, scholarships and expenses.

Eric Monday Foundation Grant Submissions

Is there a deadline for grant submissions?

There is no deadline for grant submissions. Grants will be accepted on a rolling basis. The grant proposal will be vetted by the Grant Committee prior to proposal before the Board at its next meeting. 

Grant(s) approval:

Applications will be reviewed by the Board of Directors at the next occurring Foundation Board meeting. Grant recipients will be notified 7-14 days after the subsequent board meeting.


  1. Once a grant is awarded, the recipients will be expected to promote the Eric Monday Foundation and provide feedback within a year of the grant receipt.
  2. The grant recipient must seek written approval from the Board of Directors for any proposed change in use of grant funds.
  3. The grant leader (or leaders) will be expected to complete the Mental Health Safety Course before money is issued. If the grant has a specific timeline, the leader and board will make specific arrangements for completion.
  4. All funds will be dispensed through the Head Coach or program leader, rather than given to individual entities.
Eric Monday Foundation Grant Submission Form

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